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I can buy tools everywhere, what makes Equipment Medic Inc different?

Equipment Medic Inc sells and supports tools that meet the specifications for repeated use or for a specific application. Our customers are often looking for something different  than what’s available in chain stores.

How much do you charge for repairs?

Many repairs are straight forward and fall within the 2022 half hour minimum of $49.47 plus HST. If the repair will be more, you will be called with a quote.

How long does a repair take?

Repairs for equipment that we commonly work on are scheduled to take two weeks.

However, emergencies and peak periods can easily double that time frame. If you have an emergency such as a work stoppage with workers being sent home, you will need to mention it when your work order is being written up.

What delivery options do you provide?

We can arrange to have items that you purchase shipped directly to you by courier. For repairs, we have couriers and freight companies who can safely and securely transport your equipment to and from our shop.

Does Equipment Medic Inc provide mobile service?

Service calls are normally required for equipment fixed in place. As there are additional charges for this service, it is often more cost effective for you or a delivery service to bring portable equipment to our shop.

Call for help with your equipment needs or to book service. CALL 519.352.2226

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