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Equipment Sales

Equipment Medic Inc has a comprehensive network of distributors, service providers and manufacturers to help identify the equipment solution for you. We know that having a reliable piece of equipment is critical to someone who depends on it every day. Let us offer you choices so that you can get the right equipment when you need it.

Parts and Accessories

Local supply of the things you need on a regular basis is what we strive for. Equipment Medic Inc stocks common items for the equipment we sell and we can order most parts and accessories within a few days. Please have your Model number and Serial number of the equipment when calling to order.

Qualified Service

Equipment Medic Inc offers manufacturer supported service. Primarily for equipment that is currently available and parts are still in production.


Service logically leads to training and support. You may want help with operator training or a simple schedule to perform your own in-house maintenance. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Call for help with your equipment needs or to book service. CALL 519.352.2226

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